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I do cool things. I am a creative research engineer

that loves cutting-edge technology and innovation. My peculiarity is to combine the in-depth knowledge and efficiency of an engineer with the taste and understanding of a designer. My goal is to create visual systems that can improve people productivity, helping them to understand and automate complex tasks.

My interests span widely across the field of human-computer interaction, touching topics such as Data Visualization and Visual Analytics, Augmented and Virtual Reality, User Interfaces, Machine Learning, Internet of Things, Computer Vision and Robotics.
I like to arm myself with a broad set of skills, since I believe the best opportunities (and the greatest fun) arise from the intersection of multiple fields.
At the same time, I strongly believe in communication and teamwork - and this flexibility allows me to coordinate different aspects of a project, allowing me to act as the glue that holds the group together. I also like to be independent, and being skilled in both backend and frontend enables me to concretize my ideas into prototypes and deliverables very quickly.

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