Apple Inc.

Research Engineer: Data Visualization and AR/VR

Technology Development Group

IBM Research

Research Software Engineer in Visual Analytics

Research focused on Intelligence Augmentation, i.e. using information technology to supplement and support human thinking, particularly in the context of data analysis and artificial intelligence interpretability. Development of interactive visualization systems to explore complex datasets and to improve the machine learning development life cycle. These systems typically combine web tools and AR/VR applications with ML pipelines, IoT sensors and wearable devices. Member of the Intelligent Visual Analytics group and of the Cognitive VR Laboratory, and one of the founding members of IBM ThinkReality.


Cofounder and Lead Developer

Direction of both frontend and backend development of the web and mobile platforms of Unishare, an Italian startup involving about 30 universities and more than 15'000 students in the country. Coordination of a small team of developers, with focus on modern technologies such as Node.js, React and React Native.

Electronic Visualization Laboratory

Graduate Research Assistant

esign of hybrid reality systems integrating different technologies such as virtual reality, augmented reality and mobile applications. Work on computer graphics, data visualization and human-computer interaction for immersive display systems (e.g. CAVE2, SAGE2). Development of the AR smartphone app currently in use by the Chicago History Museum.