IBM Research

Research Software Engineer in Visual Analytics

My mission at IBM Research is to develop interactive tools to support and improve the productivity of data scientists. My research mostly involves the fields of Visual Analytics and Data Visualization, with additional interest for Augmented and Virtual Reality within the broader field of Human Computer Interaction. My current main project is IBM BlueSky (, which involves the development of classifiers to assess the symptoms of Parkinson's disease over time, monitoring patients through a set of wearable sensors.


Cofounder and Lead Developer

Unishare is an Italian startup involving 23 universities and more than 15'000 students in Italy. I personally directed both front end and back end development of the web platform, as well as the development of the respective mobile application. This experience improved my expertise in team management and in web technologies, PHP and Javascript among all (though our next release will be based on Node.js).

Electronic Visualization Laboratory

Graduate Research Assistant

Working on a grant involving Augmented Reality and Computer Vision for architecture and tourism. Deployment on mobile devices by developing Unity3D Native C++ Plugins and OpenCV-based algorithms. General research on 2D / 3D Visualization with particular interest in WebGL and Virtual Reality. Submitted so far 4 research papers of which one recently accepted to IEEE VR. Created an innovative virtual environment allowing users to do real-time collaborative MR remotely